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Open Archives

Free software for the preservation of collective memory and cultural heritage

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Open Source Archives management

nubarchiva is an open-source archives management tool available to any person or institution, regardless of size or resources.

You can capture and manage your documents and records from any format and system. In addition, thanks to its intuitive search and cataloging system, you will find your documents. Keep your data safe and secure with its access control and ensure the preservation of your documents in the long term.

Do you need to integrate it with other systems or applications? No problem, nubarchiva integrates perfectly with your processing manager, document management systems, ERP, CRM and others.

And best of all, nubarchiva is free software.

Efficient Organization

It facilitates the organization and location of documents, optimizing time and avoiding chaos in files.

Versatile Import

Capture documents in different formats, avoiding loss of information in a simple process.

Guaranteed Security

Protects privacy and ensures long-term preservation; Integrates systems and generates reports to improve efficiency.

Some examples

Discover how nubarchiva can revolutionize your archives management processes.

Access our demo to experience how our features simplify and improve your archives tasks.

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nubarchiva is present in archives of organisations and institutions of different scope and location.

nubarchiva use cases

We know that each client is different and has unique needs, which is why we make sure to understand the specific needs of each of our users.

Public sector

With nubarchiva, public sector archivists can manage data, organize documents and access them securely. In addition, the tool ensures the preservation and conservation of the documents in the long term and generates reports and statistics for the management and evaluation of the system. With nubarchiva, archivists at archives, universities, colleges, and institutes can benefit from an easy-to-use, open-source archival management solution.

IT Integration

Ensure the satisfaction of your customers and differentiate yourself from the competition with nubarchiva. A high-quality and customizable archive management tool that ensures the efficient and secure management of your public sector client archives

Digitization company

If your company digitizes documents for Public Administration, you need the nubarchiva archival management tool. Organizes metadata and meets requirements. Access them quickly and safely to offer a better service to your customers.

Private sector

Maintain your company's legacy and preserve your brand's history in the long term with nubarchiva. Ideal for organizations with a long history and related to the publishing world, such as journalism and magazines. An efficient and secure solution for managing documents and records.

Notorious people

Preserve and share your legacy with nubarchiva: organize and catalog your collections to ensure their long-term preservation and share them with the world or donate them to archival institutions.

Thematic funds

Manage your thematic funds in an easy and accessible way with nubarchiva. It is suited for photography associations, collectors, and non-profit organizations. Share your thematic information safely and efficiently. Easy to use and safe.

Frequent questions

What advantages does nubarchiva offer for the management of documents and files?

nubarchiva makes it easy to tag, classify, add metadata, and search for documents from anywhere with an Internet connection.

How does nubarchiva guarantee the privacy and security of the stored documents?

nubarchiva offers access control and privacy categories, as well as access auditing and security measures to prevent data loss and ensure confidentiality.

Can nubarchiva migrate data from other document management systems?

Nubarchiva can migrate data from other systems using spreadsheets or directly accessing different migration sources.

What advantages does nubarchiva offer for integrators?

It allows you to reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs, customize the appearance and functionality of the platform, and access a wide variety of plugins and add-ons.

Does nubarchiva support multiple languages?

nubarchiva supports multiple languages , offering a unique and personalized user experience in different countries and regions.

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